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Vintage Fall  for Tomorrows Journal aw17

Wearing vintage in fall has never looked more easy and adorable in this lovely story of children in pastel and dusty colors. Photographer Kristina Demant lightens up  our consciousness by capturing the children wearing vintage clothing in photographs embodying warmth and wit. All we want at this time of year is to snuggle our little ones up in warm sweaters and dress them practical for the weather. How great will it feel to do this while supporting a great cause, being environmentally aware and going easy on the wallet? The children are all wearing clothing carefully picked from Danish Red Cross second hand shops.

Danish Red Cross administers their very own chain of second hand shops that are conscious and low-cost places to renew the kids’ wardrobes – without the financial hassle. The stores’ assortment typically ranges from everything to woolen sweaters, dresses, outerwear, dungarees, shoes and much more. Usually, the clothes have no wear or tear, and often the quality is very good. There is lots of money to save as prices are usually only a small percentage of the original retail price.

Danish Red Cross has 240 second hand shops in Denmark, managed by some 9,000 volunteers. The clothes are collected as donations either directly in the stores, or in one of the 5,000 Red Cross clothing containers throughout the country. The income from sale is distributed to benefit social work and disaster relief all over the world. Eight pieces of clothing sold, are financially equal to safe and temporary housing for an entire fleeing family.

Go and explore in the many second hand shops and put together your own seasonal vintage outfits.

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